Ausdom Dash Cam AD118 – Budget Friendly Car Dash Cam for Everyone

Product Features:

1) This Car Video Camera (also called a “Dash Cam”) attaches to your dashboard or windshield and records a wide angle view (120 degrees) of the road ahead along with the right and left lanes next to you. Capture all everything that happens while you are driving in your car, van, RV or truck with the Ausdom® AD118 Dash Cam.


2) Records everything in full high-definition (FULL 1080P HD) during both day and night driving.

3) Loop recording to give you a constant, real-time video recording of your daily drives.


It automatically starts recording as soon as you start driving and will save the video file to memory if it detects you have been in accident.

4) It is suitable for use by truckers, security personnel, delivery drivers, off-road enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants a video record of what they have a record of their driving experiences.


5) Normally used for video recording, it can also be used for taking pictures. This is especially useful if you want to temporarily take the camera out of your car to snap some close-up evidence photos of the scene of any accident or security incident.





Product: AD118 HD Car Dash Cam

MSRP: 99.99

Retail Price: 69.99

The world’s favorite Car Video Camera brand now has a budget-friendly model for the first time Dash Cam owner.


Ausdom believes that everyday driving should not be stressful. And with the AD118 model of dash cam, you now have a reliable witness in the case of an auto accident, police misconduct or road rage incident.

Dashboard car cameras, which continuously record driving video, are nothing new, but Ausdom has recently introduced this beginner model which is easy to use and comes with a very friendly price for people who are buying their first dashboard / windshield car camera.


Easy to install and use

What is the biggest problem with the car dash cams on the market today? The sub $100 models are hard to use and their recording quality is very low. This is where the Ausdom AD118 shines. Not only is the video quality top-rate, but the camera itself is easy to setup and get started, even for novices.


More than words

How often do you hear a reviewer rave about a user manual? Never, yea?? Well I am here to tell you that the product instructions that come with the product are second to none. There are plenty of product illustrations and native language instructions in multiple languages. And their website also has some great information about their products.



Is it a coincidence that the brand called “Ausdom” makes a product that is “Awesome”? I think not. This model of car camera DVR makes stunning videos, I often imagine you could even use it to make a movie. And there is also microphone built into the camera, guess you can yell “oh my neck!” after getting into an accident and you will have instant proof for a big insurance settlement. Seriously though, these cameras are hugely popular in Russia. The reason? Traffic stops. Now the cop is not likely to ask for such a big bribe if he sees you are recording everything he does and says. In the U.S. it might also help to prevent a dirty cop from dragging you out of your car and beating you for no reason.


Buy it on Amazon

Don’t take my word for it, check out all the positive reviews for the Ausdom Car Cameras on Amazon. A thousand fans can’t be wrong!


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