Ausdom Dash Cam A261 records HD videos of road conditions, helps keep the driver safe



Product Features:

1) This Dash Cam (also called a “Car Camera DVR”) attaches to your dash or windshield and records the road in full HD (1080P) for an ultra-detailed video of your journey. The Ausdom® Car DVR Dash Cam is suitable for passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks.


2) Records everything in full high-definition during both day and night driving.

With a 130° viewing angle and Ambarella video recording technology, the high-def camera of this car dvr ensures that every detail of your drive is recorded in crystal-clear quality.

3) Loop recording to give you a constant, real-time video recording of your daily drives.


4) It is suitable for use by truckers, security personnel, delivery drivers, off-road enthusiasts,


and anyone else who wants a record of what they have a record of their driving experiences.

The world’s favorite dash cam brand introduces their most power model yet.

Ausdom believes that everyday driving should not be stressful. And with the A261 model of dash cam, you now have a reliable witness in the case of an auto accident, police misconduct or road rage incident.


Dashboard car cameras, which continuously record driving video, are nothing new, but Ausdom has recently added something special, embedded GPS information so you can know the location, time, date and driving speed of each trip you make in your vehicle.


Your ultimate partner on the road

This dash cam attaches to the windshield or the dashboard, and automatically begins recording whenever you start the car (or truck). An accelerometer senses impact, causing the unit to save video of a collision, which can later be used as evidence in legal proceedings.


At 2.6 inches tall * 2.2 inches wide, the A261 resembles a pocket-size digital camera.


Four buttons are conveniently located along the bottom the LCD, in addition there is a power port and two connector ports designed for the A261’s accessories. The dash cam saves its video to a microSD card on the side of the device.


With an intelligent design and functions, this car dash cam will automatically start recording all of your trips without any input necessary from you. This makes it the best choice for any busy


professional drivers. With high quality video recording using the latest Ambarella camera sensors, this model gives you excellent video quality at a budget-friendly price.


The Bottom Line

THE BOTTOM LINE The Ausdom A261 car camera is suitable for people who need an affordable, GPS enabled car camera device. It is highly recommended by Thomas Edision, Nikola Tesla, and Plato. Buy your own today to enjoy the benefits of real-time vehicle video recordings.


Product: A261 HD Car Dash Cam

MSRP: 199.99

Retail Price: 129.99



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